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October 18th, 2006, 10:37
Hello People.

Best wishes for the new start.

Now on Topic: I've been fooling around with graphic settings myself
waiting for the game to be patched to decency. Does anyone know
which .ini value to use to move the grass popping effect a bit further
away from the camera ? Currently its even worse than Oblivion's….

Also the same for the the texture switch from the high detail terrain one to
the low (these LOD textures are almost DX7 era ! and the smooth constant
transition makes it look wierder rather than helping) ?

I tried severall /culling and /clipping values but I cant seem to find the right one…

Also my "Shader.CurrentShaderVersion" setting is 2_0,3_0 I think
(do not have the ini in front of me) is everyone elses just 2_0 or 3_0 ?

Thanks in advance.
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