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November 22nd, 2006, 05:29
Review: The opening paragraph was a dead give away as to the reviewer experience and preference to "RPG"s as he only references Oblivion as his higher, apparently high point, RPG experience. That is if you can truly classify Oblivion as an RPG, at best I find it to be an action-"RPG" (which aren't RPGs either) or more likely an action-adventure sandbox.

Originally Posted by Unregistered5 View Post
cheesy American voice actors wich completly destroyed the Gothic feeling.
Can't possibly be worse than the cheesy American voice "acting" in Oblivion. And, yes, I use the term acting extremely loosely here as it is the WORST voice acting that I have EVER heard in a game, including some no-budget indie games.

Oblivion in general: What finally killed Oblivion for me after observing all of it's wide variety of other foibles and failures was having my PC stand near a window in a town one, knowing subconsciously, that I couldn't open the window and enter the building, or climb the nearby buttress to a 2nd story window, while hearing two of the moron scripted NPCs babble about mud crab for what felt like the 10 billionth time. IIRC I rarely ever heard PCs talk about anything other than mud crabs, and whats worse these people weren't even scripted to leave town XYZ to possibly run into the damned things. Oblivion now serves a more useful purpose as a system benchmarking/stress testing tool…

Gothic 3: I still have high hopes for that game… even though it's another action-adventure…
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