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August 27th, 2008, 16:08
FOr me it's reviews, screens/trailers, forum comments and (other) content.

Back in the days I knew what games was coming years before they did… Now I completely stopped to read previews/reviews because I do not want to hype for a game anymore. There was a few huge disappointments for me, then I simply gave up. I remember that I continued to pay for Star Wars Galaxies due to the promises of a better tomorrow until I finally gave up.
Oblivion was another great disappointment.

It's ironic that "Ads" and "Box descriptions" which is really the stuff that large companies put their money for marketing on, have 0% here.

When it comes to reviews I often check gamerankings.com. Games that falls as low as less than 70% will most likely be bad, unless they have a very small nische. Games below 90% needs some kind of special appeal for me to consider. That's why I visit forums such as RPGWatch and AdventureGamers that know the kind of games that I would like. Games above 90% I often check out, regardless the game. I try to avoid being a grumpy conservative old-school gamer and I try to give new things a chance (Ok, maybe I am lying now). Another note: I pay more attention to reviews the less time I have to play games.

I also have a look at screens/trailers to get a feel for a game. As an artist I find artwork important, but I have actually enjoyed games like Avernum despite it's low graphics quality. If a trailer can grasp my attention though, maybe the game is able to as well. Immersion is very important to me.

I do not take advice from friends. The reason is that my friends do not like the games I do so I simply rule them out these days.

What's really drives me to buy a game these days is content. To be worth a purchase the game really need to offer something more than a quick script-driven experience with some gee-whizz graphical effects. Games that you forget quickly is not the kind that I try to avoid when im buying.
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