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August 27th, 2008, 17:53
When I started making money it usually was based on spare cash on hand. I always liked to treat myself when I got my paycheck. This was at a time when the bargain bins started showing up as before old games would simply be taken off the shelf.

A few disappointments at full price and 2 shelves and a few drawers full of unplayed games has caused me to be more selective. As well, there are a lot fewer games for PC and I am not longer just interested in whatever is out there like I was in the 80's.

Demos, and "unofficial demos" is the difference for me whether to purchase something, or if its a deal I can't pass up like a $5 bargain.

But another buying decision for me is experience with previous titles from the same company. Div Div2 I have high expectations for. My experience with BG and NWN caused me to buy the sequels on the first day, no questions asked. This goes both ways as Heart of Winter for Icewind Dale sucked severely. It was really after that, and maybe U9, that I started keeping my eyes open.

Fortunately for me, the terrible demo for Arcanum didn't nearly come close to how fun the game actually was.

Promotions and publicity (as well as box description) for a game are more helpful to me than reviews lately, simply because most RPGs these days are advertising themselves as Mature. Reviews may gush with the virtues of these games but the simple M on the box is going to tell me I'm probably not going to like it no matter what the reviewers say about the game or even when they say people like me are wrong.

The box is more effective than people will admit I think, because although RPG players are supposed to be more literate than your average shootemup gamer, look at Dungeon Lords.
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