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August 30th, 2008, 00:11
Hmmm… when I was still buying many games, there was not much of a pattern to my buying behavior, especially not when it came to discovering favorite games.
If it was a game from a series or developer or sometimes even genre I tended to like, I might have bought it just because I liked the siblings (that's why I bought Heretic, Morrowind, Unreal Tournament, Final Fantasy VII, everything by Westwood and so on…). I happened to buy games after cross-reading several reviews (…Cyberstorm…), after discovering a demo on a magazine CD (…Realms of the Haunting…) or following the advice of a friendly sales person (…Planescape: Torment…). And then there were some favorites I didn't buy at all - they either were birthday presents for me (…Gothic…) or hubby (…Thief…).
Well. There was no pattern back then, and the only pattern nowadays seems to be that a game must be available for one of my aging consoles or playable under Linux. But there definitely is an anti-pattern: never trust the advice of a friend. I wasted good money on horribly bad books by listening to friends, and I wasted good money on HORRIBLY bad games (…Fire Warrior, anyone?)
In a similar manner, good friends told me NOT to play several games because they were so bad. When I accidentally got my fingers on said games, however, they became all-time favorites, like, for example, Lands of Lore and System Shock .
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