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September 2nd, 2008, 09:02
Watched the 80's Fly and Fly II.

The Fly w/ Jeff Goldblum n Geena Davis holds up great imho, for an 80's film it's really quite good. Fly II however, what a joke, pretty lame film, but we had fun laughing at it so it was a positive experience. I do give them points for an ok monster, and some funny gore. Check out the poor sap gettin his head squished like a grape at the 0:56 mark!

Better yet, check out the hilariously sappy scene where Fly Jr plays Kevorkian to a retarded muppet (actually a pooch teleportation gone awry). I love how the thing crawls forward, eats a little of it's slop, then raises it's head and howls in woe as the music swells. Definitely an LOL moment!

meanwhile, If you read the comments, people are bawling left and right at it, the poster of the vid itself can barely see thru his tears enough to edit it. Im crackin up all over again, this is the gift that keeps on giving! Bravo Eric Stoltz, bravo!
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