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September 2nd, 2008, 22:27
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
before, did stealing affect your virtue or avatarness if you got away with it?

you have to remember that Ultima 4 practically invented consequences for moral action in video games and even PnP RPG's.

So I guess my question is, was it implemented but not noticeable or was it it outright borqued?

I wish I could get into U7 now but its just so dated.

BG2 is dated as well, but it didn't take long to suck me back in. You just have to get into the story, and the datedness of the graphics just melts away!

As for the effect of moral choices, I never felt like it was that important in any of the Ultima's besides IV. Maybe I was just playing too good anyway, but I thought I bent the rules fairly often but never seemed to notice much of a consequence.

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