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September 6th, 2008, 03:17
I can't trust reviews since they always stear me wrong. I thought everyone agreed previews and intyerviews (and most reviews) were just sales vehicles? I guess not.

I trust demos for sp games, and open betas or free trials (actually open betas, not "buy-in betas", for mmorpgs). I don't trust forum comments, because you all have very bad taste. I can't even trust the hand full of people that sometimes have good taste like Dhruin, VD, Corwin, and DTEowner.

I can trust history. I can put blind faith in some devs I think always have people like me in mind. I just don't get it most of the time though, how did Dungeon Siege 1 get rave reviews, while 2 and Space Siege get mediocre to poor reviews when they have to have a lot more than 1 did? Why would I listen to the hive mind when the hive mind never makes any sort of logical sense? Why would I want a polished game or care if a game has bugs when Troika's games were light years ahead of everything else and were all buggy as shit? Why would I belive a dev that said their game is a rpg when I played games like the RoA trilogy?

All I can trust is history and demos. And history isn't an option.
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