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November 23rd, 2006, 11:30
I just want to open a message board here about this topic. I will be pleased if you list your top ten RPGs with your reason why you like them. Here is my list:

1) Baldurs Gate 2&TOB: Best RPG have ever walked the Earth. Epic story, vast game world, balanced and challenging difficulty setting, character interaction, feel of cleaning the map because of no monster spawning, graphics like art paintings (I don’t prefer latest 3d graphic technologies to this game), and many other reason i can not count that you might expect from an RPG.

2) Gothic 2: A world full of mysteries that shapes according to your actions and your status in society. Rewarding game structure who likes exploring, 3 different faction that you can choose…

3) Morrowind: First game that told what is the meaning of freedom. Alas, I could not find what i expect in Oblivion .

4) Divine Divinity: Excellent mix of Diablo style gameplay with vast realm that you can lost yourself in it as you please. You can even buy a house and furnish it as you like in this game.

5) Planescape: Torment: A Black Isle classic that takes place in the most sophisticated and philosophic fantasy realm ever made, Planescape; with a story that you can find only in best fantasy novels. When you play it, you feel like reading a perfect fantasy book. And, its graphics are state of art.

6) Vampire The Masquarade: Bloodlines: Fantastic vampire RPG that takes place in modern world. The game do not present you much freedom but it has the most interesting quests have ever made (You can track a snuff film in one quest). A Troika legend that gives FPS,TPS and horror game feeling at the same time. (Unfortunately with a selling value of only 75.000 caused Troika to shut its doors. People do not know what is ‘good game’.)

7) Arcanum: If you transfer elves and dwarves that live in a medieval realm to a world in an industry revolution, what will be the results? This wonderful RPG. Story that can make the player upside down in anytime in a vast world. Don’t let the graphics estrange you.

8) Star Wars:Knights Of The Old Republic: Reflects the Star Wars universe wonderfully. Gives your character the possibility to lean towards dark or light side according to your choices and actions (changes the appearance of it as well). Interactions with characters is in top form.

9) Icewind Dale: Linear but deep story with lots of action that you can use different tactics.

10) Wizardry 8: The most perfect RPG system that i have ever witnessed. Your PCs gain experience with fighting and solving quest, at the same time your skills develop if you use them. Well balanced turn based system.
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