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Default Gothic 3 beginner tips - Fighter build ?

September 13th, 2008, 20:51

I just started replaying Gothic 3 last night. I played a bit several months ago, but I didn't like it freezing all the time. I think the new community patch helped a bit since it now freezes very rarely.

I am now level 6 with no points spend. I did several quests in Reddock and want to go to Cape Dun now. I also killed some lurkers on the beach until I got where there were 4 of them next to each other.

I'll probably save the game soon and then use it for a replay. I want to play this through as a fighter for the rebels.
Could anyone tell me how they think I should spend my points ?
Anything I really shouldn't use ?
What other/miscellaneous skills I should or shouldn't learn (hunting/lock picking…) ?

Thanks everyone.
(I haven't played through G3 yet and I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I'm probably not going to be playing a lot and it'll take months for me to finish the game.)


Ok, I'm now level 8 with 80 LPs to spare. I'm 10 points out of getting respected in Cape Dun and I still have lots of quests to do. The combat system seems fairly easy against humans and orcs. I just keep whacking and they eventually die or get KOed. They also don't fight all at the same time, it'sl ike they all have the honour of Samurais. Fighting one at a time. As long as I keep hitting they don't attack me so it's really easy.

How many points should I invest in strength and should I get the better weapons skills as well ?
How useful is permanent potion brewing ?
Anything else I should know ?
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