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November 23rd, 2006, 16:38
My list:
1. Baldur's Gate 2. This is simply amazing in every aspect.
2. Gothic 1 - still the very best open world RPG I've played.
3. Placescape: Torment - dialogues anyone? Doesn't get better than this.
4. Gothic 2 - bigger and better than G1, but still lacked a certain something for me in terms of atmosphere.
5. Baldur's Gate 1 - Basically BG2 but without all the improvements.
6. Gothic 3 - Yes indeed, you find it on my top ten, despite all the bugs. Once you get through it a couple of times you'll find that it has strong points no other game to date has(at least not in full 3D).
7. Arcanum - Had loads of brilliant ideas, but fails to be mentioned by too many as a great RPG, possibly because it had too many new ideas and not enough of what people expected at the time. I still consider it among the greats though.
8. Might and Magic 6 - this is quite possibly the biggest game I've ever played. I have no idea how many days or weeks it took me to get through it, but we're talking at least twice as long as any other game. The only drawback is the rather weird ending, but otherwise this is a winner.
9. Might and Magic 7 - a bit smaller than M&M6, but with slightly better graphics and smoother gameplay it was still a great game. I like how the game has various paths to complete it, not many games have that.
10. Neverwinter Nights 2 - does it really deserve it? Yes, for one reason: The ressurrection of Baldur's Gate. This is the first game in years that resembles BG in gameplay and NPCs, and I feel it should be mentioned on a top 10 list because it is the only game nowadays that brings new hope and maybe a new future to oldschool RPGs.

There are many other games I should mention, of course, such as KotOR, but in general linear games never make it into my list, as I love decisions decisions decisions. Also, games like Ultima and FF should be mentioned, but I'm not a great fan of Japanese style RPGs, unlike our good friend Corwin here. It's a matter of taste, of course, but I am capable of seeing what makes Ultima and FF great, despite not placing them in my top 10.
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