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September 14th, 2008, 09:45
My take:

(1) I prefer games without copy protection.

(2) I have significant doubts about how much it does to deter piracy anyway.

(3) I am willing to live with it.

(4) I am not willing to live with more annoyance than occasionally popping in the DVD. Electronic activation is perfectly OK with me. I'm even happy to register my game if that's what it takes, as long as the registration requires no personal information beyond an e-mail address.

(5) I am not willing to live with hard installation limits.

(6) I am willing to live with installation limits if I have a way to deactivate an installation that does not depend on use of the activated software (e.g. in case I lose the data on my hard drive and no longer have a usable installation of the software).

(7) I am not willing to live with something that does actually evil stuff, such as installing a rootkit to hide itself.

IOW, Sacred 2's CP seems pretty benign to me. I won't be buying Spore because of the installation limit on it, although I was rather looking forward to it.
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