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September 14th, 2008, 16:59
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
Considering that that was the biggest problem with Starforce, I find your lack of knowledge rather surprising.

[ http://www.boingboing.net/2006/01/30…-malware-.html ]

If you hadn't heard about Starforce frying DVD drives, I don't know how much weight we should lend your expert opinion on how much fuss it is. Perhaps it's more fuss to *break*, if that's what you meant…

Thank you for enlightening me so, dear sir. From now on, if I have any questions regarding copy protections and the gaming industry as a whole I will directly PM you. There is no point in using google, when we have such precise and educated gentlemen, with expert opinions such as yourself.
And please do excuse this poor, dirty peasant for stating his opinion. I assure you, that this will not happen ever again.
Feel free to quote me again, as many times as you want - the pleasure is all mine.
I hope that you will not consider me wrong and go to bed early this evening.

God bless you!
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