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September 14th, 2008, 19:28
Originally Posted by Roi Danton View Post
Sure, I also do some retro gaming here and there. But I never had a problem with a copy protection system. Even for all the old games with those manual codes like Wing Commander there are pdf files or complete cracks on retro gaming sites around the web.

The problem with running these games has more to do with my Windows Vista 64 or Windows XP and my new shiny hardware (and the drivers for it) than with any copy protection.

And honestly, these new cp schemes are far more tolerable than some Starforce crap (I look at you Spellforce 2). And yes, you can and should criticize those protection systems. But all these extreme yelling and screaming against it sounds like EA (substitute for hate publisher of the month) is wrapping their games in human skin and forces you to undertake black magic rituals in order to play it.
I would think a pdf file and this are two totally different things since one doesn't make you log on and authorize your copy and the other does, but you're sorta right. There will be someone somewhere who has a page dedicated to the game with a crack that gets rid of the copy protection. Like Starflight, without a crack I would never get past the space station. Still you are putting your faith in the publisher to do what's right. If it was CD Projekt Red then I bet they would make a patch a few years down the line but anyone else is a crap shoot.

I didn't know EA was publishing this I thought it was CDV? However, I do believe that EA is always the most hated publisher. It's not just what they did with Spore. They always choose the low road when it comes to their products. CDV is like cute, fluffy, little kittens when compared to what EA is.

Edit: Publisher Deep Silver for everywhere other than North America.
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