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November 23rd, 2006, 18:29
1. Ultima VII: Utterly groundbreaking and amazing game with non-linearity only (just barely) matched by Gothic 3. The sheer amount of things you can do in the game blows my mind and the fact that I've been playing it for 5 years and beaten dozens of times and yet I STILL find new things really makes me a happy camper 'bout this one.

2. Prelude to Darkness: Rather obscure freeware rpg (GOOGLE IT!) that excels in all areas. It has a great character system that combines traditional stat-based leveling with a daggerfall-like system of leveling up by item usage. It has amazing options and consequences. I can't think of a quest in the game that doesn't have less than 2 different distinct ways of completing it/failing it. The combat is easily the best I've played in any game and my goodness, I just cannot get over this game. It is living proof that hardwork and dedication get you a lot further than just big budgets and hype.

3. Arcanum: Fallout done better, in my opinion. Much more expanded world, breathtaking dialogues (Especially when you look in the editor and see what goes on behind the scenes). Amazing.

4. Gearhead: Yet another obscure freeware game, this time a neato post-apocalyptic roguelike. Has a fantastic character system with over 20 classes, all useful and fun to play. A huge world with plenty of things to do, characters to see, things to kill, mechas to build.

5. Fallout: DUH, my friends. Duh.

6 & 7. Gothic 2 and 3: True sucessors to Ultima. 2 is pretty much 3D Ultima VII and 3 is plain and simple just mindblowing in it's scope and how well it pulled it off.

8: Divine Divinity: If it didn't have so much hack 'n slash, it would easily dominate the top five simply for the world interaction and characters. Shame Beyond Divinity was such garbage and that DivDiv 2 doesn't look too good.

9. Darklands: Probably one of the most large and complex games in existence, even if it is a bit dated. There is really nothing you can't do in this game. You can be an alchemist and actually be useful beyond making potions. You can rob castles, sack cities, all sorts of fantastic stuff. All done in '92, too! So ahead of it's time…

10. Ancient Domains of Mystery: Just the most hack 'n slashin' fun you can have with ASCII.
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