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November 23rd, 2006, 19:19
1. Fate - Gates of Dawn
This Game was just amazing… around 1990 on Amiga.. a Bard's Tale-Clon with so many great Features (You could play 4 Partys a 7 People, everyone had a basic personality and the classes were just great - i.e. Jesters, Nymphs, Knights, Banshees… over 40 classes IIRC and still different to play…)

2. Realms of Arkania I - Blade of Destiny
The Dark Eye was the first PnP-RPG I stumbled upon, and Blade of Destiny captured the feeling of the Game excellent… so much to do and to see

3. Realms of Arkania II - Startrail
More Dark-Eye-Goodness

4. Legend of Faerghail (Amiga only, PC-Version sucks)
Another old german Bard's Tale-Clone… again with nice classes, interesting enemys and for the time - and only on Amiga, PC-Version was EGA - beautyful graphics.

5. Baldur's Gate 2
The Personality of the NPCs made this Game great… a pity that Throne of Bhaal turnt into a hackfest.

6. Baldur's Gate 1
Roaming in a big and open world with good friends… especially with the Tutu and NPC-Mods.

7. Planescape Torment
Great Story, fascinating Characters.

8. Dungeon Master
I still can recitate most Rune-Names and Spells - the first first-Person-Real Time RPG… I remember the scary Sekeletons and the dangerous purple Worms… and Chaos strikes back was one of the hardest and best AddOns ever…

9. Neverwinter Nights
ok… the OC was terrible, but the AddOns were nice Games and some community-created Stuff is just awesome… especially if you can play it with 4 or more friends

10. Vampire - Bloodlines
Great Game, great Characters, fantastic Atmosphere… but buggy as hell and horrible rushed at the end.

*sigh* I haven't played my top 4 Games in years because they are either Dos or Amiga-Games… (Save vs. Nostalgia failed ).
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