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October 18th, 2006, 10:21
I've changed this:

; Vegetation view range

It was 3500 from the start. I though the grass was horrendous at start.
I do not know if it do anything or if is purely a placebo effect. Now i don't change it back and forth since the game takes 2-3 min from when i click the start button and have loaded a game.

I also changed this one


to get rid of bloom effects. Altough, the same reason as above. I *think* its better, but i could aswell as been placebo.

Went back to Oblivion yesterday, thinking, that game was goodlooking, now i have revised that opinion. Gothic 3 is really smashing in high details.

Please, understand. I do not know if they do anything. Hm, perhaps i should have done that before talking?
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