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November 23rd, 2006, 23:43
Cadaveria - Far Away from Conformity

While it isnt as diverse as the title would have you believe, Cadaveria does take many disparate elements of black, death, power metal, and even punk to some degree and weaves them into a quite powerful cd worthy of a spot in any metal maniac's collection who is yearning for a powerful female metal vocalist. Im new to her myself, and havent heard her previous band Opera IX. Dont let that title fool you tho, there is nothing operatic or even truly remarkable about her voice, she has a lo-fi sort of harsheness about her if anything, but she does have some range within her metal-gurl strata. Unlike Arch Enemy's female vocalist, who ends up just sounding like "one of the boys" Cadaveria retains her feminine sound, which I see as a plus. \

She's horrifyingly harsh at times with a black metal shriek, sometimes bluesy, sometimes sexy, sometimes absolutely perverse. My kind of chick.

But it's nice, gets my heart pumping head banging. Slightly anyway, my neck is sensitive from my younger years of self-induced whiplash, but Cadaveria is worth a slightly sore neck IMHO. Just skip that godawful version of Blondies "Call Me", for crissake.
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