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November 23rd, 2006, 23:43
Originally Posted by Rendelius View Post
This may sound harsh, but here we go: The developers don't deserve such a low score, but the publisher does, and very much so. In fact, this could be a way to teach them a lesson: Don't do that again, in the end such a behaviour will put you out of business.

I am convinced the game was released that way just to save the Q3 earnings for JoWooD.
I bet itīs a much more complex topic. How much longer can you (afford to) fund a product if itīs already 12 months over schedule and the Christmas business is near?
Surely JoWooD needed the money, but you know how much ~50 people worldwide working on Gothic 3 cost every month. And donīt forget the marketing commitments which were focused on Oct. 13th.

As for the developer not deserving the flak:
Itīs their 4th product in a row which ships with masses of bugs. Although on my machine itīs less buggy than any of its predecessors the game is obviously unfinished. PB should get their act together or the market will do it for them. Theyīll get heavily punished when the first add-on comes out because masses of potential buyers will wait for feedback on bugs.
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