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September 17th, 2008, 21:40
Baldur's Gate is such a great game. Most of the time when i put on an older game, or watch an older movie that i used to really like, i realize that my memories are tinted rose-colored and they really arent all theyre cracked up to be.

And I'm not saying that BG cant be tedious: the inventory system especially in regards to arrows and such is awful, the dreadful pathfinding in any kind of enclosed area can be maddening, the repetitive fights against such flotsam and jetsam as gibberlings and wolves around every corner is exhausting, the length of the game itself can be daunting - all these things do little to detract me. I cant wait to play it again! That's the hallmark of a good game.

Final two chapters to go, then I install TOTSC and play thru that. I didnt finish BG the first time thru, so this will be the first time i battle Sarevok.

Maybe it's also that BG just has a special feel to it for me. Besides being my first real crpg, Im experiencing a bit of D&D and CRPg history when i play it - it's a relic of sorts of a bygone era. For me personally, anyway, i have no desire to play any of the old crusty pre-BG games, that's where i draw the line!

I copied the #1 cd to use in the drive and put the originals back in their sleeve for safe keeping, they are my oldest game relics. Ill be passing them on to my cub when i shuffle off this mortal coil. Or maybe I'll have them bury me w/ them, perhaps that would be more fitting ='.'=
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