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September 19th, 2008, 00:24
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Just looking back over this, it's amazing that ads play almost no role for most people. I wonder what the advertising budget is for most games…it appears to be wasted among the hardcore or whatever we are here.
That's because people don't realize they're affected by ads. Ads just get stored somewhere in the back of your mind, you forget about them but they're still there somewhere in your brain. Then when you hear about the game again you're like "I heard about that game, I can't recall from where exactly… but the name reminds me of something… must have been someone who talked to me about it… so it's probably good". Works for all types of products. Like when you're in the supermarket and you see that Ariel soap or Signal toothpaste, you can see they're more expensive but you also know they're better than the others because you heard about them more, you're not actually sure why and where… but you just know… that's ads…

When you see sales of Guitar Hero III, Halo III or GTA IV I'm almost sure most of the buyers didn't read any review before buying. Wasn't even word of mouth, just ads and the fact they played previous games in the series.

Oh and from a publisher's point of views "demos and trials" are pure ads, they're one same category of expenses in their budget.
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