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September 19th, 2008, 13:35
Originally Posted by Zakhary View Post
some idiot
Well, this is pretty inappropriate wording, Iīd say .

I find a lot of those speedruns pretty impressive and usually one has to know the game and its mechanics really throughoughly and make a lot of detailed planning beforehand to do something like this.
For example, Wandererīs Gothic speedruns are really cleverly planned, skillfully executed and fun to watch.
Baldurīs Gate speedruns are great as well.

In the case of Morrowind, itīs not that fun, but still quite interesting.
I think that the fact its main quest can be theoretically finished in 10 minutes doesnīt degrade the game at all, it just shows how open-ended the game is, or something .
I guess that people who make those speedruns probably played the respective game x-times in normal fashion and the speedrun is just a new way how to squeeze some more enjoyment out of it.

As for the Morrowind main questīs length, with both expansions Iīd say itīs somewhere between 50 - 60 hours of solid entertainment.
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