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November 24th, 2006, 04:20
Gamespy is just crap… In their review of Oblivion (different reviewer though), they point out the same problems Gothic3 suffers from:

Heavy System Requirements
Unfortunately, all this advanced technology comes at a price -- high system specs. Never mind the minimum specs on the box. Those PCs may technically be able to "run" this game, but it's very possible they won't be able to truly play it. Even on our standard GameSpy gaming rigs (far from underpowered machines), I was forced to reduce my resolution and turn off some of the technical bells and whistles to get an acceptable frame rate.
Complaints of bugs
If there's a real deal-breaker within Oblivion, however, it's the bugs. Lots of 'em. The worst have been problems running the game at all using Nvidia's FX series of video cards, and random, unrepeatable crashes to the desktop. I've seen creatures sometimes float in mid-air and "pop" around rather than turning to attack. There were moments when NPCs got stuck on the landscape, NPC voices would completely change between lines, and quest flags didn't getting tripped. Programming text would sometimes pop up during conversations with NPCs saying things like "Subject Change." The game's animations cause characters to move, fight, and die like a poorly wired Animatronic exhibit at Disneyland. It does little for one's sense of immersion to have beautifully expressive faces when they're attached to bodies that jerk and start in ways no humanoid body ever would and occasionally fall through a wall and twitch while hung up on the world's geometry
Note the similarities
Huge, rich fantasy world to explore; Stunning graphics; spell-building and alchemy systems.

Bugs and technical issues; Poor character animations; AI limitations; console-style interface.
And in the end, Oblivion gets 4 out of 5
Despite the aforementioned issues (which are enough to give some pause), it's hard for me to resist recommending Oblivion to any RPG fan. Assuming one has a system with the muscle to run the game and the player is willing to accept some technical glitches, there simply isn't a better RPG experience available
Just seems like bias to me…
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