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September 21st, 2008, 17:13
Yep, if your computer can handle it DEFINITELY grab MGE. The more recent releases seemed to have GREATLY improved performance for me going from 18-20FPS to about 30FPS outside now with a goodly view distance and higher detail settings, plus a bunch of statics, tons of other mods.

Indoors now pegs to VSYNC for me, whereas before it used to be a bit less than max.

Still haven't tried Vivec or other crowded areas yet, but I imiagine that the prformance will still be very good.

Oh yeah, the Telvannis Revuilt IIRC adding the Morrowind mainland is nice. They've released map 1 (NE Morrowind - Firewatch and surroundings) and map 2 should be out soon IIRC, or at least a playable beta.

Most of the mods listed above are just very nice to have, but I'd also look at how close you want to keep the game to vanilla, esp if you've never played before.

I always end up just exploring, and rarely do much of the main quests although I tend to do most of the guild quests as some of them are fun…
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