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November 24th, 2006, 11:19
1 - Geneforge 1/2/3 - best games I ever played. Fantastic setting, great story and character development. The amount of choises and endings avaible are truly amazing
2 - Fire Emblem/Fire Emblem Sacred Stones - Did I mention I adore TBS combat? With good story and interesting characters? Nevermind that these are for the GBA …
3 - Arcanum - though it has its own problems, I still admire the complexity of the world, story, character system, and so on.
4 - Temple of Elemental Evil - an underdog, but the combat … I'm in love with this game on combat alone
5 - Diablo 2 - again, no pun intended, but I really liked the game. Made item hunting a blast, besides it was good for multiplayer
6 - Fallout - a really well though out game. Besides, probably the best RPG in a non-fantasy setting, and that is saying something.
7 - Baldur's Gate 2 - though I've said a few harsh words about it, recently I've rethough my standing on the game. The story was indeed compelling and emerging. The characters were memorable, a thing I cannot say for more recent RPGs
8 - Avernum 1,2,3,4 - With fun turn based combat, non-linear gameplay, and well thought and really developed setting setting the games are a blast
9 - Planescape Torment - while I find many flaws in the game, the deviation from the typical fantasy setting is worth the place on my list
10 - Gothic - probably the only RPG with third person view that I like. Story was nice, the setting good.
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