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September 22nd, 2008, 17:14
Changelog (compiled by someone on the official M&B forum) for version 1.003.

1. Polearms are much better now.
2. New animations. If you hit someone on the head with the staff (tutorial part), they stumble back a bit. If you hit them in their left arm, they stumble right.
3. Some new item modifiers.(Lordly, Masterwork).
4. New sounds for practically everything. The music is also better, but seems a bit out of place in some areas.
5. More banners.
6. You can see a picture of yourself in the character screen and inventory screen.
7. New drawing animations (and how you hold weapons). The way you move, hold weapons, and swing weapons is much more fluid and much more entertaining.
8. In the character screen, you start with five skill points, before it was four.
9. In the character screen you now edit your face by clicking on the image of you in the screen.
10. In the character screen, you see information about the skills, attributes, etc. by moving the cursor over them. Before, you had to click each skill to see what it did, now you don't have to.
11. The character screen is much lighter and more organized (at least it seems that way to me). The effects of skills seem to be more defined and clearer to understand, or maybe it's just easier to read with the light background.
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