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September 24th, 2008, 17:18
I heard there is a new harder mode than hard in the EE. Is that right? in that case I reccomend playing on this mode.

If you play the game on hard, you can ignore almost everything, and you never need to buy anything, I had tons of money since there is no need to shop ever.

The three things you need to easily complete the game on hard.

1. The swallow potion. If you ever encounter a hard enemy you can run around until your health is full again.

2. The aard sign to stun enemies after that you can kill them by one click most of the time.

3. If you encounter hard enemies choose fast mode and complete all the combat combos, they'll not have any chance to hit you.

That's how I played through the entire game, the combat was boring as heck, way way way too easy, and luckily there was no need to use the horrible inventory system. Except the horrible gameplay especially the combat but also the meaningless easy poker dice which can give you unlimited money. I loved the setting, dialogue and story.

A shame it has such a awful gameplay or it might have been a favourite.
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