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September 24th, 2008, 16:36
They fixed dice poker for the EE -- it's no longer an automatic moneygram, and there are easier as well as more interesting ways to make money now, for example hunting certain types of monsters for components for which Kalkstein is ready to pay 15-40 orens a pop.

Specifically, the opponents no longer roll like complete morons; previously they would throw away already winning hands, or throw dice that could not possibly lead to a winning hand. They don't do that any more.

It's still possible to have a winning betting strategy, but making serious money from dice poker now takes hours rather than minutes. I've only used it on one or two occasions to make a couple of hundred oren I need for some particular purpose; trying to make, say, 1000 oren would be tedious as hell. That actually makes a surprising amount of difference to the game balance -- instead of spending hours rolling dice, you spend the same time hunting for monsters, which is what being a witcher is supposed to be all about, right?

Also, I disagree about the combat being "awful." It does seem to divide people, though -- some people hate it, others love it.
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