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September 24th, 2008, 19:28
Originally Posted by Roland View Post
Well my opinion differs from yours as well

I've played many ARPGs over the years and I hardly ever play them MP even if it's an offered feature.

If a game has MP then it's certainly not a draw back, but it's not a feature I look for or judge whether or not to purchase a game or not.

Many people, and the vast majority of those I discuss such things with, enjoy the freedom of playing ARPG/RPG in SP.

Look at The Witcher, solid, perfect RPG with only SP, Dragon Age coming out with only SP…

Even games like Titan Quest, I've only gone online once, Sacred, Dungeon Siege, Diablo 2, Loki, NWN/2…I play all 99.9% SP

Heck I even play Guild Wars with only Henchmen lol

So while you may prefer a game to have MP and look at the lack there of as a negative, that's not everyone's position

No offense intended, just different opinion and tastes

It seems you missed my point entirely, though

Oh, and trust me, I don't take offense easily.

I'm not talking about my own subjective opinion, I'm talking about genre standards. Personally, I strongly lament the absence of multiplayer in Dragon Age - for instance - but I wouldn't name it as a negative in a review - or at least I wouldn't adjust the score because of it.

We're not talking about traditional CRPGs, we're talking about action RPGs - in other words, we're talking about Diablo clones. In that sense, multiplayer is a genre standard and as such it's going to be expected by a lot of people.

The fact that you don't enjoy it, and that I consider it vital isn't particularly relevant - it's that it's an expected feature.

Even if it wasn't, the individual reviewer will always have certain features that he considers more important than others. In modern reviews, for instance, you'll often find graphics being mentioned as subpar or similar - even when it's about traditionally visually unimpressive genres like turn-based strategy or whatever. Some of us might not care, but modern reviewers do in many cases and therefore we can expect a modern audience to feel the same. In the end, all reviews are based on personal perceptions - and no one can be 100% objective, nor should we expect it, imo.




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