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September 25th, 2008, 00:35
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I'm sorry, but I don't follow that logic at all.

For a lot of people, having a multiplayer mode is essential for our enjoyment of the game - as it is in my case and the case of several of my friends.

You might as well say that having no character customization isn't a bad thing, or that having no powers (ala Dungeon Siege) is just a design choice. It's not a bad thing if you don't find it adds much to the game, but if you do it's quite bad.

The whole thing is about expectations, which is why the only logic I would go along with, was if the genre standard was singleplayer only, in which case there's really no reason to expect it. However, action RPGs are pretty much associated with cooperative multiplayer - as it was introduced with Diablo (or arguably, Gauntlet) and having - at MINIMUM - the same feature set is something not unreasonable to expect of a modern Diablo clone.

In short, having no multiplayer in a modern action RPG is a negative.
While you are trying to take half a step back compared to the other posters in this thread I think you are still too close.
The number of players is an objective and stable criterion, perfectly suited - and often used - for market segmentation. SP and MP are two different markets. Some games only go for one of them, others try to broaden their potential customer base by going for both. Whatever the developer & publisher choose, they will have their reasons.
The choice of a market segment cannot be good or bad from a reviewer`s or gamer`s perspective. If somebody refuses to play SP RPGs for prinicpal reasons he is no different from somebody who prefers FPSes or adventures, in this context: He is not part of the target audience.

"Graphics", for example, wouldnīt work in a similar way because itīs both unstable (-> innovation) and subjective.

A short comment reg. "expectation". If the box doesnīt mention MP at all, the dev always said "SP only" and the review says "no MP", the expectation reg. MP is zero. So you canīt be disappointed.
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