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September 25th, 2008, 00:40
I'm surprised it's really possible, not only against some boss or mini boss but even for some other fights. If that's so easy I wonder why you need use any potion. Do you really never die with such a system?
Try it yourself, I was surprsied myself, especially against some big bosses. Except the beast in the (second)? chapter, it didn't work for this fight.

You seem to be almost millitant in some cases
That's true nothing makes a game developer more angry. When there is so much potential but they screw it. I do love the other things about TW, this combat just made it so tedious and boring, unlike Zakhary said I think combat matters, especially in a game like TW it is full of combat, and all of these parts are boring, maybe it could be fun if you create bombs, drink lots of potions and whatever else there is to do, But for me at least I did not found it was anymore fun, it just became more of a bother since you had to bother with potion mixing and bomb mixing, and touch the horrible inventory system.
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