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September 24th, 2008, 23:52
Originally Posted by Guhndahb View Post
Mike, I apologize for sounding a bit fanboyish, but I'm constantly struck by the quality and utility of your reviews.
Thanks for the kind words - I can say that at AceGamez and GamerDad in particular were very helpful, even though I had done tons of earlier writing and submitted stuff to serious journals (Atlantic Journal) … and have been published many times in my scientific field. These guys helped me find my voice, and it has actually reflected back and helped with my technical writing and presentations. I'm glad it is interesting, I really put a lot of work into the stuff I write for RPGWatch … I'm sure you could find things at other sites I've written that are not for a genre / audience I care about so much that could easily be dismissed as 'meh' at best.

Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
Nice review, but thereīs one rather formal point I disagree with:

"No Multiplayer" is neither good nor bad, IMHO. Itīs just a market selection decision our readers need to be informed about. A SP game doesnīt get one bit weaker just because it comes without MP.
You can criticize a bad MP mode if a game comes with MP though.
I challenge you to take a couple of trips through this game and say that it isn't the sort of game that simply *reeks* of something that would typically find a small and dedicated audience based on MP.

I think my preference is clear - I am a Single Player PC gamer who rarely touches multiplayer. Yet when looking at a genre such as this there is no denying that a large draw comes from multiplayer.

All that said, the inclusion / lack of multiplayer had no influence on the scoring of the game - it is simply an observation that I felt not having any sort of MP was a bad thing.
-- Mike
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