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September 25th, 2008, 08:59
The game visuals are supposed to be more vibrant, though I haven't really noticed yet.

When I first went through, one of the first NPCs I was supposed to beat at dice poker had a nasty winning streak. The AI was horrific but his luck was impossible to beat! "Hmmm, I have 3 of a kind here that already beats you. I think I'll roll 3 dice including one of the 3 of a kind." All 3 come up some other number and he gets a full house. He did things like that several times and nearly cleaned me out! It was like getting beat by a two year old that's just rolling the dice because he likes hearing the sound. Arrrgh!

Medium difficulty seemed pretty good to me, but I hardly ever used potions. I would have a few heals around and maybe a thunder but, for the most part, I played "sober." Mostly because it was just too much trouble to deal with the alchemy system. Now, with the new inventory, that part of the game should be more fun.

Oh, back to the original topic… there was a chapter that ended on me before I was ready. It was the one fairly late in the game where you go south of town to an inn where there's a wedding party getting ready to start. I'm afraid I don't know the exact thing I did that set the end chapter gears in motion but I do remember having a few quests unfinished that left me howling right along with that forelong dog in the chapter ending cinematic.
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