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Default Finished NWN 2 OC (again)

September 28th, 2008, 00:51
Hey Deekin was one of the coolest NPC joining the party I ever seen. About One of Many (well I mean the NPC in MotB) I found it quite cool too when I replay MotB trying the evil path. That said I give up because:
  • I was bored lost energy during fights just because a team member do the final blow instead my character does it so I get zero energy.
  • At some point I gave up a little and become bellow evil and good and obviously lost some evil path option at some point. That was too much and I gave up the replay.
I think that MotB evil path would require a bit more polishing for the energy management. Still a great game.

The OC is also quite good stuff, MotB is just better.
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