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September 28th, 2008, 07:14
Unbelievable… I faced off with the beast tonight. I loaded up on Swallow, Tawny Owl, and Blizzard, and greased my sword down with Specter Oil. The first two tries I got my butt handed to me. The third go around - guess what? Somehow the cutscene canceled out all of my potion effects and left me facing the beast with no enhancements, and I still beat him! In fact I didn't even realize I was 'naked' until my health got down to 25% and I started running around the parameter trying to allow my health to come back. Once I figured out that wasn't going to work I just turned around and popped the beast with an Aard and walla - he was stunned (and he had full health mind you.)

I'm certainly not bragging about this as it was completely random. That's the problem with that particular fight - It really didn't matter how you prepared, you had to re-load again and again until you just get lucky. It's a shame they couldn't have improved that in the EE.
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