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September 28th, 2008, 07:34
Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
Somehow the cutscene canceled out all of my potion effects
During my first playthrough it happened to me too. I figured out that itīs caused by the fact the game automatically advances time to midnight once the cutscene starts. So itīs better to sleep until 23:00 or so and all potions should work then.

I got close to finishing Ch3 yesterday and thought it would be a good time to try both extra adventures.
Both were rather nice diversions, adding some cool bits to the main story.
I liked The Price of Neutrality slightly more since it felt more distinctive and some dialogues were pretty cool. Tried all endings just for the heck of it and TPoN was more diverse in that regard too.
Played them both on hard and was rather surprised by the difficulty of some fights. Iīd say that hard difficulty was actually hard this time.

As for the main game, it rocks! It feels even more epic than during my first playthrough. Maybe those extended dialogues have something to do with this.
Well, they surely have!
Some new voices arenīt that entertaining as before and I really miss that excited jumping npc animation but those are just minor complaints.

For some reason, dice poker seems to be easier as the quest proceeds. Itīs just a coincidence, I guess. PJīs strategy works great, though I donīt really use it since Iīm lazy . Also, Iīm trying to finish all quests available so Geralt is quite rich even without resorting to hazard and plays poker only for advancing the dice quest. I like the element this quest adds to his personality.

Ok, getting ready for the chapter of best scenery.
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