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September 28th, 2008, 16:34
I certainly don't mind a game that makes me reload once in a while. In fact I feel a game is too easy if it doesn't happen. But I expect the specific peril to be consistent from one attempt to the next. E.g. If the battle with the beast requires potions to overcome him in one attempt, it should require it in all attempts, and if he is strong enough to resist the Aard sign in one instance, I shouldn't be able to use it on another attempt. There's just no excuse for a boss battle that required me to re-load 13 times on my first playthrough and had absolutely nothing to do with my combat skills, and everything to do with the randomness of a sign working in one instance and not in twelve others. I love this game, but that's a huge flaw imo.

The Gothic games got it right. Sure there were times when I reloaded again and again, but the enemies fought and had the same weaknesses consistently - the advancement was solely due to my improvement of character and combat skills. The game left you feeling good about your own accomplishments, not thinking "Whew, got lucky that time. I can finally move on now."
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