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October 1st, 2008, 09:38
Just watched Waitress with Nathan Fillion. I love Nathan Fillion and thought it would be a comedy. It was really sad, but very enjoyable. I am glad I bought it and will have to watch it again this weekend.

@magerette. You're admitting you watched Anaconda? You're not panning it completely? Am I in some weird bizarro world where people can say anything they want…. no matter how socially unaccepable? Next you'll be saying you think Sean Connery is hot…. or that he can act. I haven't seen Anaconda (cause it' so bad), but I have this "friend" who said they wish they had just gouged their eyes out with a spoon instead of watching that movie…. a friend, not me.

Frontier sounds very interesting…. I will have to find it, thanks for the tip.
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