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October 1st, 2008, 11:41
Actually, I quite enjoyed the one easy game I've completed, so far. I was completely confused first time around and restarted on easy with no raiders or requests from the king and found it entertaining.

Be careful with your expectations - it's a "lunch break" game; don't go looking for an epic campaign, a brain-straining strategy or deep simulation. I'd sort of compare it with Depths of Peril*, except it swaps the frantic faction competition for some light city-building and the RPG development is much weaker (as far as I can tell so far).

There looks to be quite a variety of potential followers, so harder/longer games might push the strategy aspect much harder. Either way, you spend most of the time exploring random areas as a lite hack'n'slash, returning to recruit visitors with different skills to the town and buy them buildings to operate from. The loot from the field pays for the buildings and upgrades and provides better equipment. You need to balance food production with more advanced stuff - I've seen farmers, herders, trappers, crafters, guards, priests, fortune-tellers (?) - I think there are lots to go.

The graphics are nice for an indie - in a simple, painted, cartoony way. Biggest disappointment is the limited (as far as I've seen) character development and skills to give the hack'n'slash part (quite a major part) more depth. I haven't really taken the townsfolk adventuring, so that might make a difference. Biggest plus is the range of professions you can recruit for the townsfolk.

*Not a very good comparison but both attempt to extend the indie hack'n'slash genre with some form of base/town aspect.
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