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October 2nd, 2008, 16:22
Saw a couple of 12-24 month old movie lately:

Very good. An intelligent, calm, beautiful Sci-Fi movie. Similar to 2010. Highly recommended.

Die Hard 4.0, kiddie version:
Better than expected. Actually good popcorn cinema. The last serious action scene should have been left out, but the rest was fast and quite unsensimental. Good.

Smokin' Aces:
The first 75 minutes were great, the solution unconvincing. Itīs an ensemble movie with lots of high profile actors. Feels a bit like an unconnected Ocean's 11 with hard & fast action scenes. Still better than average.

Great visuals - both CGI and Milla Jovovich - but only a generic story. The action reminds me of The Matrix 2 & 3. I found it boring.

The Reaping:
Solid horror/suspense movie in the typical Rosemary's Baby / The Omen style. The good acting (Hilary Swank) and lack of gimmicky scenes make it better than average. Itīs pretty tight. The movie tells its story and doesnīt waste much time with random stuff, which is positive IMO. Recommended for one time viewing.

Casino Royale:
Even better the 2nd time. One of the best Bond movies. Now if they would only dare to exchange 15 minutes of action against more acting, especially from the villains.
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