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October 5th, 2008, 10:59
I would like to use some prophetic power like everyone else seems to do, but for me, there is far too few information to make any judgement on the game yet. I can say this in regard to the information we do have:

That hits are determined purely by player skill instead of stats I actually like. How realistic is it when your aim is shaking over one third of the screen with an assault rifle while you are perfectly steady with a pistol? Assuming the avatar is some kind of soldier or agent, he or she should be expected to have a steady aim. Also, action game elements do not necessarily diminish the roleplaying value of a game for me.

Cover based stealth sounds like an improvement over shadow based, but I do not know enough about it. I assume that the level of light is still important under this system; ideally, both shadows and cover would be taken into account.

Autohealing can be both a blessing and a curse. As a fallback combined with a sufficient supply of medpacks or in a game where you can realistically complete a mission without losing 100% of your health it is a cool bonus. Otherwise it tends to inject a game with boring idle time.

But what prevented me from buying Deus Ex 2: IW?

The small ingame areas come to mind, the frequent loading times as a result and the terrible inventory management system which probably lead to unified ammo. Unfortunately for the game, these limitations were quite obvious even in the demo.

They were also clearly limitations imposed by consoles, and as a PC gamer, it is difficult for me to neglect them. Some are lifted in the current generation of consoles, but others are not: the console type inventory system made selling items hell and was a major detraction for me in the case of the otherwise excellent Mass Effect, for example.

Whether Deus Ex 3 will classify as a roleplaying game will really be determined by the storytelling, the non-linearity both in- and outside of missions and the ability to improve my avatar during the course of the game for me.
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