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October 5th, 2008, 14:41
I really like the answers in this thread; they made me rethink a few of my positions. Thanks to everyone.

Just a few comments on the aiming part:

I see your point, Alrik. I have been in the army for the compulsory nine months, though, and must say that you do not hold a pistol very close to your head, either, but pretty much straight away from you. From my experience, while there certainly is a difference between holding a rifle and a pistol, most people are either good with both or neither, even if there are smaller deviations in marksman skill between both weapons.

Regarding realism, it might be overrated as Rizzla points out: I would not say that nano-augmented agents are as unrealistic as skillbased shooting in a science fiction setting, but bottomless inventories and medpacks certainly are.

In the end it boils down to a different question, which is where I find Dhruin quite convincing: which of those mechanisms is more fun to play and which is more likely to be implemented given the information we have.

When it comes to quests/missions, while I still feel that skillbased combat tends to make it feel sluggish and out of control, taking away from the fun derived from it, I certainly prefer to be able to choose between several viable approaches, including non-violent ones, over having a more direct control over a weapon. Unfortunately, the implementation of shooter style combat does make a level design including alternative/non-violent solutions less likely, since it is not required anymore in order to accomodate all types of skillsets. Let's see what Eidos meant when they say 'multi-solution approach'.

I would not really miss a choice of weapon skills during skill selection when there are other skills around which significantly impact gameplay, however. In particular in a cyberpunk setting finding interesting skills should not be difficult, but it depends on funds, time and the creativity of the game designers, I guess.
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