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October 6th, 2008, 03:30
So far there's not enough information for me to decide it will be utter crap, yet (like Invisible War was…compared to the first game anyway).

The only thing that concerns me so far is calling the stealth "cover based". I mean, sure, that could be done in a decent way. But, if you think about it, the "stealth" system in Invisible War was also "cover based instead of light/shadow based". Of course that meant that there was always a conveniently placed HUGE friggin' grate covering a human sized ventilation shaft that happened to go straight to the place you needed to go…in EVERY map. Yeah…giant, human sized ventilation ducts, that you can just stroll up to and open and crawl right through. Oh, and they go nowhere except directly from where you are to where you need to get to. That's one hell of a great "cover based" stealth system. I guess technically it is cover based, I mean you are out of sight right? For some reason that part of Invisible War was a little disappointing to me. The first Deus Ex was (at least partly) a cover based system though and it worked fine…so hopefully it'll be closer to that than IW's "stealth".
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