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October 6th, 2008, 16:28
My problem with these so called 'action/RPG' hybrids is that they're not really RPG at all. They add some stats just to put the RPG in the box and lure some buyers, but really, they're just shooters. Even Mass Effect is just a shooter.
A real RPG is one in which you assume the role of another character. You as the player may be the best marksman in the world, but if your *character* doesn't have the stats/skills, that's what determines the outcome. Some people mention that this creates problem like you making a perfect shot at a creature, but your stats lacking show it as if you failed and 'shoot at the ground'. You need to imagine that the *character* is not sitting comfortably in a chair looking at a screen. The training comes in knowing how to breathe, how to steady the arm, how to ignore outside events/noises, how to ignore the little spider that fell on your arm, etc. That's what the stats reflect.
It's funny as in Mass Effect, I was doing perfectly fine in my fights, and then I realized I hadn't assigned my points in a while. When I opened my stat screens, I had over 20 points to assign. That right there showed that the game was just a shooter, stats didn't mean squat.
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