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October 7th, 2008, 16:23
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
Im pretty good with all kinds of weapons from paintball markers to assault rifles and heavy machineguns. The only clear difference comes when I try to shoot the biggest handheld stuff aka RPGs (i.e M72 LAW). Even after numerous tries Ive never really excelled with them. The way you have to aim with it is harder because of the big tube and the fact you need to watchout for the backblast.
Funny, when I was in the military I was a pretty good shot with the heavy stuff, especially RPG's, but had real trouble hitting anything with a pistol. (I only shot a really heavy handheld RPG once, and it was so fucking scary that I doubt I'd be able to bring myself to shoot one at the range again even if offered the opportunity; I'd only be able to manage it if I was even more scared of whatever it was I was shooting at, which, I guess, is sort of the idea. The practice models shooting tracers were somehow a lot easier to deal with…)

I have a theory that it has something to do with the sights. I've been an active photographer since I was six or so, which made it rather natural to use the optical sights in RPG's, and even regular rifle sights felt familiar. OTOH shooting a pistol felt wholly unfamiliar; I never really managed to "connect" with the target.
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