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October 8th, 2008, 19:10
This is the first time I'm playing a *recent* game with an image file: Star Wars Galactic "Babblegrounds" from above.

The local distributor of this game, Electronic Arts, replied me on an official answer that they had no CDs of this game anymore.

They even said there had been a patch for it, for the German-language version of the game, although the patch is NOT listed at EA's - and NOT at LucasArts as well !
It is only available via Filefront.

after some hassle I was able to make an CD image of the "play disc". i tried to make an backup copy (which I'm allowed to do by law, normally, at least), but the burned CD wasn't readable anymore - a thing I can't understand.

The image file I made for Nero, however, is "playing" fine, once loaded.

This is - all in all - the exact case which I had been forseeing in the "A Thought" thread: A game is dying out, no replacement discs available, the gamer stands alone (in the rain).

And now, there are games which don't allow to make and detect CD images - in several years these games might be forgotten, because no-one has replacement discs anymore, and the original ones are too scratchy or too valuable to even be used.

I still have a weird feeling towards this: I nearly feel as if I was a criminal. Well done, gameing companies ! You make harmless gameres feel like Criminals !

But on the other hand this is sort of revence in my case - a) towards the one who sold such a scratchy game (so to say) at ebay, and b) towards the companies who run out of replacement discs and care not to actually help gamers.

Producing no-CD patches - even if a game is nearly forgotten - is seemingly like fearing holy water to them.

Edit: The try with the CD image wasn't successful.

Of course.
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