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November 27th, 2006, 14:37
For replay value Morrowind beats everything else (provided you have the discipline to not join every faction during every playthrough), with BG 2 a distant second. For story and NPCs Gothic 1+2 win hands down. For multiplayer I recommend Icewind Dale, Baldurs Gate, and NWN.

My top 10 would be:
Gothic 2, Gothic 1, Morrowind, Baldurs Gate II, Baldurs Gate, Gothic 3, Arcanum, Darklands, Daggerfall (which sadly aged terribly bad and is unplayable today), SSI Goldbox series (particularly Pool of Radiance which is the only one to feel remotely non-linear, and the Krynn series).

Other good ones are:
I enjoyed Realms of Arkania 1: Blade of Destiny, Demons Winter, and the Ultima Underworlds as well. NWN1 was only really fun in MP.

Of this years releases I havent tried NWN2, enjoyed Gothic 3 in spite of the bugs, and hated Oblivion…
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