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November 27th, 2006, 15:19
Originally Posted by txa1265
(Oh, and don't listen to Jaz, Deus Ex 2 *is* that bad )
It's not one of my favorite games ^_^. It was merely nice. Just like System Shock 2. No, I don't love that one, either.

@Zaleukos: I replayed Daggerfall last year and played Arena for the first time this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed both (despite all those newer, shinier and more detailed games). I take it Mike alluded to shooters when he said
Originally Posted by txa1265
I know that playing a 15 year old game now is different than having played it when it was released .
I think it depends on personal preferences. For example, I played Catacombs Apocalypse for the first time in 2006. It's from the early nineties, I played the precursor games back then, and I had far more fun playing it in 2006 than I had playing, say, Doom 3 or Halflife 2.
When writing down my favorite CRPG list I felt the desire to replay the LoL games. I need a Win98 comp *badly*.
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