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November 27th, 2006, 17:08
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I have played plenty, but I don't feel that I have given the older games the same fairness of experience as newer ones - I mean, I have Might & Magic, Wizardry and Ultima games all as 'collections' … for other genres that I *have* played for the many years I've been gaming, I know that playing a 15 year old game now is different than having played it when it was released .
Games are like wine. Ones with a clear UI and clever presentation can age graciously, while those relying on state of the art graphics tend to not. I still find the Goldbox games or Darklands playable due to the clean menu-driven interface, while Eye of the Beholder and the Darksun games that looked much better upon release are absolutely horrid to play. Not to mention Ultima Underworld that was way ahead of its time upon release.

A mouse-driven interface and interactive graphics at a low resolution is a bitch and very hard to get back to. Heck, even going back to Baldurs gate 1 and 640x480 is painful…

Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
@Zaleukos: I replayed Daggerfall last year and played Arena for the first time this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed both (despite all those newer, shinier and more detailed games). I take it Mike alluded to shooters when he said
I've had problems running Daggerfall properly on anything faster than a 90MHz Pentium I. While it starts up nicely there is a bug that sometimes (in my case pretty often) makes it impossible to pick up quest items off the ground when running on a "fast" CPU. The randomly generated dungeons (that sometiems were impossible to finish) and the rather limited presentation of all the factional intrigue that was hidden somewhere in the code were also big minuses.

But if you look at the concepts in the game, a huge game world with tonnes of factions that like/dislike each other, branching within quests, skill based character progression (not optimally implemented in the TES games, but I still like the concept) Daggerfall could have been THE "Elite with swords" RPG. I loved the game back in 95-96. Imagine what smarter randomization (just using some sort of pathfinder to check that all quest locations within a dungeon are reachable) and a transparent presentation of in-game politics could have done to the game!
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