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November 27th, 2006, 19:35
My list is ones that I really enjoyed when I played them … some have not really withstood the test of time, and some had little or no replay value, and some I never finished! That said, here is my list (in no particular order):

1. Might and Magic 6.
2. Ultima 5
3. Anvil of Dawn
4. Darklands.
5. Fallout
6. Gothic 1
7. Wizardy 8
8. DragonWars
9. Arcanum
10. Daggerfall/Morrowind (can't keep them straight in my head!).

And there are many that did not make the list today, but might've yesterday, and might if I did this list tomorrow: Gothic 2, Planescape: Torment, M&M 7, Ultima 6, KotOR 1, NWN 1, (sooo many hours … it had to be good, no?), Diablo (no rock throwing!!), and a few others that have slipped my mind right now.
No good ideas yet … but I am sure I will get some … someday.
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